Sunday, October 20, 2013

ART and SCIENCE breakthrough contest - DNA, in your face!

The PAX3 gene is involved in the development of the face. Toronto based scientist Dennis McCormac had his PAX3 gene sequenced, and in collaboration with an artist, had his particular sequenced of A, C, T and Gs compose a portrait of his face. Edward Tufte, are you seeing this? Talk about making a visual connection between genotype and phenotype, between DNA and the trait it determines! This is gold to me.

This collaborative art and science work is in the running in a science visualization contest. If you like this as much as I do, please VOTE HERE for this piece by scientist Dennis McCormac and artist James Fowler!

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  1. thanks for posting. I really am trying to start an initiative where artists and scientists truly collaborate. In this project, James and I were exploring the artist as the environmental factor in the Genotype/phenotype intersection. Stay tuned because I am giving the same sequence to other artists to explore their interpretation. When all of the pieces are completed I hope to use them to teach students about the intersection and how enviroment plays its role in that relationship...